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home, bagram being a hub or many troops returning back to the united states and i think keen to try to suggest as he said a year ago the tide of war is still receding, choosing this anniversary, the death of bin laden, the man for americans the reason why they came to afghanistan, choosing the anniversary of his death to take this narrative an extra stage forwards and explaining exactly how america will tie up the loose ends of the decades-long war and how his presence will look like in the years ahead. >> nick what is the strategic partnership agreement? it doesn't talk about funding. those say this is more about, this isn't really, some saying kind of sets out the logistics of what's going to happen over the next ten years, after 2014. >> it's very strong on symbolism, not heavy on substance. it's important for america that it was signed, that it happened because for months there were outstanding issues that made it look like it may never come to fruition. it's important it was signed ahead of this vital summit in chicago in may, where nato allies have to put forward their contrib
i'm anderson cooper. we welcome our viewers across the united states and around the globe to the special report, president obama addressing the american people from afghanistan, talking about the future of u.s. troops there and we are going to bring that to you live. >> lots of news happening now, dramatic developments covering the president's surprise visit to afghanistan like no one else can. we have our reporters in afghanistan, in pakistan, in washington, in new york, we're watching all of this unfold, our own john king will give us an inside look at what it's like to be on a secret presidential trip to a war zone. he's been on one before, our own erin burnett looks at al qaeda's future and our christiane amanpour and fareed zakariazaka. >> the president took a helicopter to kabul and signed a strategic partnership agreement with president hamid karzai. it could mark the beginning of the end of the war there. listen. >> neither americans nor the afghan people asked for this war, yet for a decade we've stood together to drive al qaeda from its camps to battle an insurge
information on the breaking news story, the united states with the help of allies foils a terrorist plot to bomb an air liner and an in-depth look at the key issues in the 2012 presidential election and president obama's report card on i am gags. plus, exactly six months from now, a new polling shows an incredibly tight race and the romney and obama campaign confront a pair of tough questions. >> we start with dramatic breaking use. new information coming in by the minute on a new terror plot foiled by the united states and its allies. it is said to involve putting a suicide bomber aboard an air liner. it was foiled and the u.s. recovered and is now studying the explosive device. let's bring in fran townsend who was president bush's homeland security advisor and also with us tom fuentes. fran, i want to go to you first. from your sources with he are hearing that this was an upgrade if you will. do you remember the underwear bomber, that this was a way to upgrade the technology into an ie d and explosive device. what do you know? >> just speaking to a senior administration official t
bombs so they understand the target and they're a close ally of the united states and this administration official stressed to me that this really was an international effort although they also stress that this bomb never made it to their knowledge near an airport or an airplane prior to coming into their possession as far as their investigation has shown, and it was never a threat to the united states, so that means one of two things to me, john. either this was an early stage, this bomb plot, or it may have been made inneither by the u.s. or a security service which is why they wouldn't fear it detonating. >> an intelligence success in keeping it from either being able to be used or keeping the bomber from buying a particularet and getting on a plane, whatever, and the question now is if they were developing this new technology what is it capable of and what have they learned? here is what the fbi says tonight. as a result of close cooperation with our security and intelligence partners overseas, annum proceed iz voo the explosive device designed to carry out a t
by the united states. wait until you here his story and the state department's response. >>> thirteen people are charged in the death of a florida drum major. >>> tonight's truth follows the money and tells you just where the obama and romney campaigns believe the presidential election will be decided. >>> in china, just as secretary of state hillary clinton arrived for a round of delegates, a chinese human rights activist left the protection of the u.s. embassy in beijing. the united states says he received assurances he would be treated humanely. later, he spoke by phone and told a very different and much darker story. he says, u.s. officials broke promises to have someone with him as he received medical treatment. >> translator: the embassy kept lobbying me to leave and promised to have people stay with me in the hospital. this afternoon, as soon as i checked in the hospital room, i noticed they were all gone. >> stan joins us live from beijing. tell us more about this phone call in which chen says he was misled, double crossed. >> a phone call at 3:00 a.m. beijing time, he was sitting up
activist left the protection of the u.s. embassy in beijing. the united states says he received assurances he would be treated humanely. later, he spoke by phone and told a very different and much darker story. he says, u.s. officials broke promises to have someone with him as he received medical treatment. >> translator: the embassy kept lobbying me to leave and promised to have people stay with me in the hospital. this afternoon, as soon as i checked in the hospital room, i noticed they were all gone. >> stan joins us live from beijing. tell us more about this phone call in which chen says he was misled, double crossed. >> a phone call at 3:00 a.m. beijing time, he was sitting up in his hospital room afraid for his life. his wife was by his side. she was telling me, she could not even leave the room. that's how scared she was. all of this unfolded after he left the u.s. embassy earlier in the day. he had been hold up there for the past six days after fleeing house arrest. he was allowed to leave of his own volition. they took him to a hospital. at that point, things started to change. th
gears up for the general election? >>> a fresh round of angry words in syria. united states today joined seven western nations in expelling syrian diplomats in outrage over friday's massacre of 108 civilians including 49 children in this syrian village of hula. >> this weekend's massacre is a horrifying testament to this regime's depravity. this was clearly a way to demonstrate the international community's absolute disgust and horror at the actions taken by the assad regime. >> jessica yellin was among those listening as the president denounced the killing. i understand mr. carr aney sayi it's important to show the outrage, but president assad is not exactly shaking in his boots. what is the administration hoping to accomplish? >> they're trying to accepted a message to further isolate the regime, but they acknowledge it's really meant as a symbolic gesture and another step to reflect the international communities disgust. but they admit that this diplomatic action is going to stop the killing. >> i know it's hard, but when you see the horrifying pictures, one of the reasons that the un
dissident who says he wants to seek asylum in the united states. the administration says chen ga gaunchung left at his request. >> michele bachmann and rick santorum finally make peace with governor romney? new poll numbers tell a is your rising truth about the republican right. >>> fast moving developments surrounding chinese human rights activist, chen guangcheng. he has been pleading for help and asking to come to the united states with the family. he left the safe haven of the u.s. embassy on monday but says officials misled him. he had a congressional hearing and described the conditions at his home. >> translator: i really am afraid for my other family members' life. they have installed seven video cameras. even with the electric fence. >> among those watching closely, president obama's campaign opponent, mitt romney. >> the reports are, if they are accurate, that our administration, willingly or unwittingly, communicated would chen an implicit threat to his family and probably or may have sped up the process of his decision to leave the embassy. if these reports are true, this is a
to the united states with the family. he left the safe haven of the u.s. embassy on monday but says officials misled him. he had a congressional hearing and described the conditions at his home. >> translator: i really am afraid for my other family members' life. they have installed seven video cameras. even with the electric fence. >> among those watching closely, president obama's campaign opponent, mitt romney. >> the reports are, if they are accurate, that our administration, willingly or unwittingly, communicated would chen an implicit threat to his family and probably or may have sped up the process of his decision to leave the embassy. if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom. it is a day of shame for the obama administration. >> stan grant joins us from beijing. your team spoke again to chen today. this is very confusing, some conflicting accounts here. what's the latest from his perspective? >> he is bottom line, he doesn't trust the chinese government. he doesn't see he has a future here. he still maintains his family's lives have been threatened and he wants to get
bound for right here in the united states. cnn national security contributor fran townsend is in new york. the fbi has the bomb, what do we know about it, what are they looking for? >> first what they're looking for, one, is it petn, the same high explosive odorless that can be put in a putty used both with in the underwear bomber, abdulmutallab and the cargo plot. and so all those bombs were made by al asiri, in the process in the last few years of training others to make such bombs. can they link this back to him they want to know. is it the same explosive petn. second, one is the detonation device? we've heard over and over the detonation device in the underwear bomber is what failed to let his bomb explode. did they improve that? there have been some different things done to this particular device, and they will really analyze the detonation piece to see whether or not they believe this would have been successful. those are the two keys, what they're looking for. john, sources said to me, there's a debate whether or not they'll release the photographs of the bomb. they have them
. what has he done as the president of the united states over the past four years? has he established the revitalization he promised to bring? did he hold unemployment over 8%? it has been 39 months. that hasn't happened. >> in that interview with time, go have romney says his years with bain taught him a lot about why companies succeed and fail. in each of his answers to four questions, he also took time to critique the president's economic credentials. >> this is a president who spends his time blaming other people for the fact that he has been unsuccessful in turning around this economy. i think the reason you are seeing across the country, people saying they would like to try someone new, because they believe this president, while he may be a nice guy, is simply not up to the task of helping guide an economy. >> you are looking at a live picture right here. that's president obama speaking at a fund-raiser just moments ago. the president responded saying governor romney has drawn the wrong lessons from his time running bain capital. the exchanges are getting more personal as the st
to see more apple products manufactured here in the united states. >> will there be an apple product ever made again in the united states? >> i want there to be. >> so will it ever say on the back of an apple product, designed in california, assembled in the united states? >> it may. even though it doesn't say that today, you could put down there, several parts are from the united states. >> cnn's dan simon tracking all this at the all things digital conference and annual meeting of technology and media executives. how real is that possibility? apple has been criticized for that big plant in china. how real is the possibility manufactured right here at home? >> reporter: i don't think it is very real, john. i was very surprised it hear tim cook say that. i think the people in the audience were as well. things are humming along just fine for apple despite the fact that they have had these problems in china. they have record profits. they know what they are doing with those plants in china. they can do them to scale. the problem, tim cook put it this way, the united states doesn't have the
landing and new worries about airline security on flights heading to the united states from overseas. >>> also a possible break-through in the standoff over iran's nuclear program. is iran about to blink and allow new inspections? >>> and the man who succeeded in are mr as massachusetts governor, deval patrick is a democrat, but wait until you hear what he has to say about romney's old company, bain capital. >>> we begin with the latest on an in-flight scare that forced a u.s. jet to make emergency landing by fighter jet. it raises fresh concerns for security for airliners headed to the states from africa and europe. u.s. airways flight 787 from paris to charlotte diverted to bangor's maine after a passenger's note warned she had a surgically implanted device. the plane with 188 people on board landed safely and the woman else courted off in handcuffs. officials determined she didn't have a device after all but that leaves plenty of questions. fran townsend is with us, a member of the external advisory committee for the cia and department of homeland security. fran, this is something
that the united states and other countries have had with the iranians, their refusal to allow the iaea to monitor exactly what the iranians are doing and of course, john, this coincides with a very important second round of negotiations tomorrow in baghdad, where the united states and the other members will be negotiating with iran. it looks like there's momentum towards at least the beginnings of some agreement but until we see the details, we have reason to be cautious. >> you say reason to be cautious, the israelis are openly skeptical, they have the most at stake you might argue. they believe what iran is doing is agreeing to some technical agreement on paper so they can go into the talks tomorrow and say back off the sanctions, give us a break. should the p-5 plus one, the group that it's called, the united states, should they back off or ratchet up the pressure? >> i think the iranians are at the table in baghdad tomorrow because of the pressure, because of the sanctions, so i would think that we'd want to see a maintenance of the sanctions, if not a reinforcement of the sanctions, and inde
to the united states. >>> and, the woman at the center of the secret service prostitution scandal goes public with lurid new details. sh he says the scandal has ruined her life too. >>> we begin with today's much anticipated update on the economic recovery. the numbers say the recovery is still alive but barely. the unemployment rate ticked down to 8.1%. mostly because thousands of people left the labor force. employers added 115,000 new jobs in april. tens of thousands fewer than most experts predicted. any way you or the presidential candidates look at it, the numbers could be better. >> there are still a lot of folks out of work, which means that we have to do more. if we are going to recover all the jobs lost during the recession and if we are going to build a secure economy that strengthens the middle class, we are going to have to do more. >> anything over 8%, near 8%, anything over 4% is not cause for celebration. this is a sad time in america when people who want work can't find jobs. >> all right. our chief business correspondent, ali velshi and chief political analyst,loria borger a
and the third largest ipo in the united states. allis allis allison kosik. >> not coming as a huge surprise. facebook had priced range of the shares between $28 and $35. this year, facebook went ahead and told the s.e.c., we are going to put that price range between $34 and $38. today, on the eve of when facebook is going to offer the shares to the public, it met with its bankers and underwriters and came to the conclusion that $38 will be the price. everyone wants to know why this price went higher. it went higher, because there is strong demand. facebook executives have been going around the country and pitching the o to potential investors. they found more people want it. the more that want it, the more you can sell it for. in fact, one investor said the response to this ipo, john, has been nothing short of pandemonium. >> given the interest, the initial wave goes out to institutional investors. does the average joe have any chance of paying $38 or somewhere near there? >> honestly, good luck. you have to remember, what's happening now are these buy and sell orders are actually going in
when the united states' credit went down and get our credit improved out here. when governor romney was out here, i told him, i said, we are following the formula of streamlining regulations and being a job creating friendly, balancing budgets, cutting taxes and, you know, using common sense. if you get to be president, we are going to do more of that. frankly, what happens out of washington, it creates a wind in my face. uncertainly over obama care and their tax policy. uncertainly over the regulatory policy. when joe talks about small businesses, this is paralyzing small business's ability to make decisions. when they don't have certainly, they go the other way. in ohio, we have given them certainty and things have been improved. when we get a romney presidency, they are going to get much better. >> help me with the empathy case. it was a tough campaign. you like to get on the factory floor and grab people in the streets and shake their hands. that's the knock when governor romney doesn't make the connection. what does he need to do to be better? >> what people really want to know
on the european crisis which has in the past and threatens again to spill over here to the united states. >> certainly, john. this is where president obama may find more of a kindred spirit in hollande. wheel we've seen europe tighten its belt, cut government programs, not focus on stimulus and deficit the way the u.s. did, growth has stagnated in europe. holla hollande talked more about a balanced approach, stimulus. while he shares this view, u.s. is a bystander. france is not. it will play a key role as europe looks to find a solution to the crisis in the third year. >> the presidential retreat in maryland as the president begins an important weekend of diplomacy. thanks. >>> one of the important questions for the nato summit is the future of the alliance. i'll ask far he'd zakaria whether nato is relevant. next a report card on what mitt romney's tax policies would mean for you. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games here at the hutchison household but one dark stormy evening... there were two things i could tell: she needed a good meal and a good family. s
was a drive-by governor on his way for running for president of the united states. >> you might hear the heckling and booing. that was romney supporters who turned out to disrupt the event. david axlerod more than happy to engage them. >> it is great to be in massachusetts obama country. i get tweets in some of these folks, so i feel close to them. >> you can shout that down but it is hard to etch a sketch the truth away. >> not to be undone. governor romney staged his own bit of political theater taking it to the bankrupt green energy company, solyndra. obama gave them more than half a million dollars in stimulus funds. they suggest the warnings were ignored because some company officials were big obama campaign donors. >> this building, this half a billion dollar taxpayer investment represents a serious conflict of interest on the par of the president and his team. it is also a symbol of how the president thinks about free enterprise. free enterprise to the president means taking money from the taxpayers and giving it freely to his friends. >> the presumptive gop nominee responded
in the united states senate. senior senator, staff around him. he spoke for one person. that was joe biden. he had to learn. he is learning it the hard way. when he speaks, people believe he is also speaking for the president of the united states. normally, the president should go first and then joe biden should follow. that's something that i think has been a really difficult adjustment. >> it has been more than three years. you would think he would have that more figured out by now. >> people learn slowly. >> stay with me for a second. tonight's second dispute is between the president and republican rival, mitt romney. speaking to abc, the president ridiculed romney's recent suggestion that he, governor romney, deserves some credit for the auto industry's rebound. >> i think this is one of his etch-a-sketch moments. i don't think anybody takes that seriously. people remember his position, which was, let's let detroit go bankrupt. >> but, just a short time ago, governor romney stood his ground. >> this was back when george bush was president. i said, don't write them a check. they need to go
, his tenure as president of the united states and take us behind the curtain. governor romney has experience at this. senator kennedy when he ran against romney years ago, the kennedy campaign used bain effectively including the same examples. when romney ran for governor, his democratic opponent tried again and it wasn't as successful. newt gingrich, rick perry wrought it up and what do they think and what are the lessons learned, the bruises, and the best way to respond when essentially people say he is a heartless, corporate greedy guy. >> so far up until this weekend they really haven't been saying that much. they were sort of reluctant to talk about this publicly. you remember last week they were trying to shoe reporters away from the rope line to keep the prosecute he is from asking the questions and i did talk to a senior advisor behind the scenes that day and what's the deal with all of this and why are you so reluctant to talk about this and the message that he was putting forward is wait a minute, keep in mind bain, people at bain have supported democrats in the past and
together, ultimately in a consumer-driven economy like that of the united states, how people feel is the key determina determinant. the number you'll tell our viewers about shortly is consumer sentiment, how do you feel about the economy now, how do you feel about it in the future, and this number is as strong as it's been since october of 2007. i want to take you back to october of 2007 and tell you what was going on. dow was at 14,000. it had set a new record. we had just started to see weakness on the housing front. but things were still feeling pretty good. it was only after that, only after october into december of 2007 when the recession started did people start to say, uh-oh, something is wrong with this economy. remember, john, it's when people, americans, consumers start to feel something is wrong, they start to act that way, they spend less, and this starts to create job losses. so this is very key that we're back up to where we were in october 2007 when things felt pretty good. >> it's key, and you've mentioned the reasons for the upside. what could derail this improved
. china buys all of those raw materials, many of them from the united states, including commodities. lots of things can go wrong. but we're feeling better than you might think right now. >> ali velshi, our chief business correspondent, thanks. >>> let's look at why this matters so much in presidential politics. this is a determinant that a lot of pollsters and strategists use, they think it's more important than the president's approval rating. why? the average number is 95.9. if the incumbent president is above 90, especially in the 95 range, that incumbent president, going back to 1956, he wins if he's around 95. the average among incumbents who have lost, 78.4. if the president is below 80, the president's in trouble. where are we today? right there. 79.3. guess what? the president of the united states can be happy about that. this is the high mark of the obama from the president si, 79.3. it's also almost exactly where george h.w. bush was back in 1992. he's the last incumbent president to lose. you have to get above 90 to be an incumbent to be confident you can win. let's take a look
were able to turn them all red, mitt romney is the next president of the united states. again. i am not saying this one issue will change those states from blue to red. in a close presidential election, when you are playing on the margins, there are some that think it could, could be an impact. that's just a half dozen states i showed you there. we will watch how this plays in the weeks ahead. if you look at this down the line, working class voters, they narrowly oppose same-sex marriage, working class white voters, as do older voters. they narrowly oppose same-sex marriage. so do rural voters. they oppose it by a much wider margin. it tends to hurt the president where he has issues. on the flip side, suburban voters narrowly favor it. suburban voters are critical in close presidential. urban voters back same-sex marriage by a wide margin. it depends on where you are looking. let's talk it over with gloria borger. to be clear up front, we don't know. the president thinks it helps with young voters and suburban voters. they are very important. sort of a generational issue. we know th
or amplified is you have a team running for president of the united states. you heard the conference call. they should know his position, should they not? >> that was a bill that was passed and signed into law early 2009 and it has been several years. republicans absolutely support equal pay for equal work, and in very quickly came along after that and said, you know what, no one is proposing we repeal or change the lilly led better. >> the staff didn't do him a favor. >> i think it is incomplete if you look at it is the economy, the jobs, the debt, and that's what women are concerned about as we head into the election. >> governor romney makes the point. are you the democrat. listen to governor romney when he talks in public about the mythical what he says war on women. >> there has been talk about a war on women. the real war on women has been waged by the obama administration's failure on the economy. do you know how many women, what percent of the job losses were women? 92.3%. >> are women going to make their choices and, look, democratic women and republican women who made their choi
escape from captivity and his new life here in the united states. in an exclusive conversation with anderson cooper, he describes his life in china as suffering, quote, beyond imagination. anderson is with us live from new york. tell us more about this fascinating conversation. >> yeah. you know, he just arrived here this weekend. he's going to be studying at nyu, learn english, study law. he's a lawyer, working as a lawyer in china, he has no normal legal training. never went to law school. he's speaking out for the first time. what he says is that he is very afraid, very concerned about his relatives who are still in china, his mother, his brother, his nephew, who's been charged with intentional homicide because security agent, chinese government security agents burst into his home and they were searching for mr. chen and he apparently brandished a knife against them and he has now been arrested and is still in custody. so, there's a lot of questions about what is going to happen, not only to his family members still in china but also those who helped him take part in that da
will happily answer the questions posed by the united states senate finance committee and provide it with in was that others have sadly chosen to ignore from the woman who slammed the door in your face, drew griffin, what exactly have you chosen to ignore to quote her? >> if you just look at our reporting, not just this report but several reports you will see that we went over backwards to try to get information from this group. all we have gotten in is return was slammed doors as you saw, angry phone calls, angry e-mails from pr companies and unresponsive attorneys. i don't know what information she will provide the senate committee, but if it is the information they filed with the irs, i don't think the senators will be too happy with what they're going to show them. it shows exactly what we reported, $56 million in donations being taken in and all of that money going directly to a private fundraising company that helped them raise that money. >> we'll follow up with the hearing and see what comes out of it. i appreciate you both. thank you. >> thank you. >> mitt romney tells ve
to the president. polls are showing 70% to 80% of americans still think this the united states is in a reception. you and i know it is not true. we are growing, albeit at a low rate. americans don't feel this. they are like a drowning man that feels like he is just treading water. >> is there a communications for the president to get to that psychology, to the tired legs treading water feeling? >> i think frankly that there is. the president needs to communicate not the people in fact are doing better. many people don't feel they are doing better. rather, he has to hit on the theme of who has the better path going forward. >> part of this economic argument. if it is a referendum, maybe the president doesn't get a chance to make it. if he can make it a choice, part of his argument is fairness. he did not repeal the bush tax cuts. that was one of his ways to be fair to the middle class. now, he promotes what he calls the buffett rule. let's listen to the president. >> this was an idea supported by a strong majority of the american people, including nearly half of the republicans. a majority of mil
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